About Us

Hi – I’m Sunshine the colour fiddler behind My Mama Knits. I love colour. Colour everywhere. And texture. Which explains why I have always been obsessed with fabric and wool. Like a dragon on a treasure hoard obsessed. But now I’ve learned to share and I find that has been even more fulfilling.

 I’ve been a knitter for many years and my dabbling into pattern writing and desire to include my children in my creative adventures seemed to point me naturally into the world of hand dyeing. My first wool dyeing exploits were family efforts. Fun time with the kids, who were still too young to knit, so they could play a part in creating handmade gifts for family and friends. Originally, my idea was to add kitchen safe kits for home dyeing to my shop, which already included hand knits and patterns.  Unsurprisingly though, I found once I had all the supplies on hand I could not keep out of them. And so my current obsession (ahem) journey began.

I’d love to one day have my own dedicated dye space, but for now you can find me most days attempting some magic over a pot in the family kitchen.

Dyeing to me is very much like cooking, which is another of my passions. I like to dye in single or small batches, hovering over the pot and watching the colours transform the canvas of wool, ‘seasoning’ as I go.  My inspirations are varied and each skein is unique, even my repeatable colourways will have some slight variations.  I dye what I would like to use myself and sometimes it is very hard to part with a skein. Very. Very. Very. Hard.

I love that my patterns and yarns are used to make objects that are themselves cherished. Each skein’s journey of love, which started in a farmers field to stop in my humble kitchen, continues on with someone else. Becoming another thing entirely by their loving hands. Something hand made for themselves or a loved one to cherish.  Sometimes I’m even lucky enough to see one of my yarns after it has been transformed. Okay sometimes I even beg for a picture. But remember – I’m still fairly new to the whole sharing of yarn thing. Instagram especially is an incredible (and daunting) space for seeing all the talented dyers and makers out there. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the fibre community to me is its culture of sharing and supportiveness. I feel really privileged to be a part of it.