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fair isle knitting tool for organising color choices
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birch wood yarn organiser for colour planning

Little Yarn Palette by Fleece Loved Products

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The Little Yarn Palette is a handy little tool made in the UK by Fleece Loved Products. The palette is laser cut from Birch wood and hand finished. Each palette comes with a special non permanent pen.

Take it with you when you are out searching for that perfect colour match or use it to keep track of your colours while Fair Isle knitting.

The palette is double sided and features five holes on each side to keep track of up to ten yarns.  The middle surface has a protective surface allowing you to write colour names or other information with the special marker.  The labels can be easily cleaned with a slightly damp cloth for reuse with your next lot of colourways.

Attach it to your project bag with the supplied metal ring and your Little Yarn Palette is ready to go wherever your craft takes you.

Approx size 100mm long x 65mm wide x 4mm thick

Complete instructions and a years warranty from date of purchase are included.