Black widow spider coloured black and red mini skein of yarn
mini skiens of black and red spider inspired knitting wool for socks and blankets

Black Widow - Single Mini Skein on Choufunga Sock

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Colourway: Black Widow

Eye-catching and unapologetic in their deadly appearance, looking almost as if it was clad as a leather dominatrix, the Black Widow spider fascinated me as a child.

This colourway is an addition to my Land of Enchantment series. The females are unmistakeable in shape and colour and can be found in most Albuquerque houses and gardens. Beautiful and deadly all at once, she can move at terrifying speed if her egg sacs are threatened, but otherwise prefers to be left alone in her web.

The male is much smaller and inconspicuous and, whether overstated or often, should be wary not to make a misstep after mating lest he be eaten.
Males and Widow's egg sacs are available in separate listings.

This listing is for a single mini skein. Just right for blankets, dolls, other small projects, adding a pop of colour to a larger piece or just sampling a colourway. Choose your mini skein size from the options in stock.

20g mini skein is about 93 yards / 85 meters.

10g mini skein is about 46 yards / 42 meters.

5g mini skein is about 23 yards / 21 meters.

Skeins are hand dyed on Choufunga: superwash merino sock weight wool – 75% merino wool and 25% nylon for hand or machine knitting. Beautifully soft merino with nylon for a bit of extra stretch and strength. Suitable for hand or machine knitting.

All wool is hand dyed in single or small batches then washed and dried ready to be knit up into your own unique creation.
Suitable for machine washing but hand washing is preferable. Dry flat.

While I have tried to capture the colours as best I can, please be aware colours may vary from those shown here.

Due to the nature of hand dyeing, colour saturation and placement may vary between different skeins of the same colourway. If you are using more than one to skein to complete your project I recommend alternating between the skeins for the best overall colour matching.

Ever had a wash load turn pink because of one tiny red sock? Although all wool has been washed thoroughly after dyeing, it is advisable to wash your creations separately the first time, in case any residual dye remains. The vibrancy of your wool will not be affected in the rare event that there is any run off. I don't expect the dyes to run, but I make mention out of caution as I would hate for my wool to be the 'red sock'!